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TRLJ Media, LLC designs custom training services (learning solutions) for your business and organization at any stage in the process. In today’s fast-paced and increasingly virtual workplace, learning a new concept or skill can’t and shouldn’t wait for that two-day class at the end of the month. To truly enhance job performance, learning opportunities need to be integrated and available within the workplace and workday. TRLJ Media creates a full spectrum of learning products from manuals to eLearning modules to quick reference job aids. No matter where you are… Deliver effective just-in-time learning solutions that reach your workforce whenever and wherever they need it to do their jobs.

System Training

Computer code representing system training

Whether it is an out-of-the-box or a custom-design computer application or computer platform, we learn your computer system and how your users need to use it. We then create a training program and system documentation based specifically for those needs. Systems Training uses the Agile learning approach. This approach involves working with the project development team to develop training while the system is being customized and rolled out so that training is ready when users need it.

Policy & Procedure Training

Coworkers discussing environmental policy

Employee training is a cornerstone for any business. It is essential for new hire orientation, skill enhancement, policy and procedure updates and refresher training. Companies that do not train their employees on policies and procedures put themselves at greater legal risk. There are other negative results as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, has found that employers that offer fewer training opportunities have higher employee turnover. This costs the company money in the long run.

Safety & Compliance Training

Plant worker with hard hat

Businesses and organizations are being asked more than ever to meet standards and regulations from a variety of institutions such as governments, unions, and other accrediting bodies. Your organization may be seeking ways to comply with mandatory safety training or government compliance language. You may be seeking accreditation or trying to raise the bar to the next level.

Professional Development Training

Trainer leading workshop

We develop customized and role specific professional development training solutions that enables employees to progress along desired career paths within your organization. Unlock the potential to develop a tailored solution for your staff and leadership development needs.

K-12 Curricula

classroom full of children

Adolescents learn differently than adults. With our adolescent-centered approach, we consider the personal, social, and intellectual aspect of the learner in our instructional design. We start with your academic standards and your benchmark goals and tailor a curriculum to meet your specific needs. You may be looking for lesson plans, workbooks, or entire courses. We provide both instructor-led and eLearning options.

Consumer Education Materials

Customer using a computer

You may discover that you need to educate the public or your consumers on your products, services, or cause. Consumer education is different than marketing. Marketing is focused on SEO keywords and sales. Consumer Education is about educating the public about how your products or services work. Examples of consumer education materials include product user manuals, registration tutorials, or set-up quick reference sheets.

Competency Mapping

Competence definition


The first step to any quality training program is the development of a competency matrix. This data can help you hire better candidates more accurately and help you target training to the right individuals, at the right levels, and on the right topics. The matrix can also help individual associates see what knowledge, skills, and behaviors are needed for advancement and can help leadership find hidden talents from within their own associate pool. A competency map is a must-have for business development and TRLJ Media can help you create it.

Technical Writing Documentation

Employee trying to write manuals


The need to write and rewrite technical documents never ends. It seems like as soon as a document is completed, it is time to update. Technical writing is tedious and time-consuming. It also requires a lot of skill to write in a way that others can understand. When you are trying to run a business, you do not have time to devote your time or that of one of your employees to technical writing. We can write your technical documents for you and then keep your documents on file. We then follow up with you annually to see what updates need to be made. You’re free to concentrate on running your business. Leave the technical writing concerns to us.


business training


We understand how busy you are. As a small business owner, you where many hats and “trainer” is just one to many. The good news is that we are experts at training, and we can lead your training for you. We offer face-to-face training locally and webinars for long-distance training.



TRLJ Media provides training consultation and coaching services. It is not uncommon for small to mid-sized companies to feel powerless when trying to develop a training program from scratch. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can avoid the training pitfalls that can easily devour your time and budget by hiring a training coach.  TRLJ Media’s coaches will help you analyze your current situation, can make recommendations, and can provide insight on best practices and strategies for accomplishing your training goals. The primary goal of the training coach, however, is to empower you. TRLJ Media training coaches will help you gain the knowledge and skills to make sound training decisions on your own. You may schedule monthly sessions with your coach or combine monthly sessions for a longer working session.

Webinar Hosting

Webinar Hosting

If you need to provide training to users who are spread across multiple locations, one option is a webinar. Training materials can be created for the webinar format. If you do not have your own webinar software, TRLJ Media can host the webinar for you. Users just need internet access and the ability to phone in.

TRLJ Media offers you three webinar options.

  1. TRLJ Media can create your webinar materials and host the webinar.
  2. TRLJ Media can create the webinar materials, and you can host the webinar elsewhere.
  3. You can create or use your own materials, and TRLJ Media can host the webinar.

If TRLJ Media is hosting the webinar, we upload the materials, send out the invitations, and manage the webinar during the session. We can host up to 49 logins from remote locations.


Train the trainer

TRLJ Media is here to empower you by helping you create strong, competent training teams. TRLJ Media offers train-the-trainer programs to help your internal training department develop their training development and facilitation skills. We offer workshops, webinars, and online courses in instructional design and facilitation to help your organization grow!


Check out our online courses page for more details about train-the-trainer and other business related courses and workshops.

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